Episode 1: Branding the Bike Guy

By February 10, 2020 February 13th, 2020 2 Comments

For the first episode of the Sundin Sports Marketing podcast, Kristin sits down with our first client, her husband, Steve the Bike Guy. They look back at his career change, from environmental consultant to bicycle mechanic, and how his brand, and his business, have developed.

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  • Jeff vdD says:

    First, I love the dynamic between the two of you. Knowing you, it came across exactly as I would have expected. And whatever reticence Steve is alleged to have had about coming on the pod, it didn’t come through at all.

    I love the blue and orange, and think it’s great for mix-and-match reasons that the colors have been consistent over time. That said, I could imagine changes that would allow for mixing/matching over time in ways that look good together without being the same color.

    I think the “Steve the Bike Guy” name is PERFECT. MAYBE it wouldn’t work as well if you had 5 locations the size of mumble-mumble (although maybe it would), but STBG perfectly captures the vibe of someone who (i) loves riding bikes, (ii) seems to love selling and working on bikes, and (iii) is someone you want to go riding with. All of that translates to customer loyalty–if my money is going to go somewhere, I want it to go somewhere local where it makes a notable difference.

    I never thought of “Velo” as being roadie-centric. And I still don’t, maybe because of the association with 545 Velo where I only race off-road. Granted, you’ve got “Bike” right there in your name, but I wouldn’t drop “Velo” unless you have a really compelling reason. (Dirt-centrism isn’t IMHO a compelling reason to drop it, but maybe ask around on that point.)

    For the most part, I think of STBG and not STBG Velo Studio. As such, I’m not sure the last two words matter all that much. That probably means you could drop them or change them or keep them with little consequence.

    Also, don’t count road out. In 10 years, I bet a bunch of MTBers and gravelers will come off of the dirt, and a bunch of Zwifters will come out of their basements (and Pelotoners out of their glassed-in turrets of their seaside mansions) and discover this new surface called “pavement.”

    Fun episode to listen to!

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