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How to create custom gift cards

By January 10, 2021 No Comments

With the conversion to Lightspeed’s Retail Point of Sale (POS) system, Steve the Bike Guy (STBG) wanted to maximize the system’s capabilities by upgrading to custom gift cards printed with barcodes that would work with the new POS.

Researching available options we ran into two issues – many cards were made of plastic (for environmental reasons our preference was cardboard), and the minimum orders were often far more than the small shop needed.

Through further research, we discovered a site where we could generate Lightspeed compliant codes that STBG could print and stick onto cards – a messy solution at best. We also realized that with few extra steps, and’s Printfinity option which allows customers to print a different design on the back of each card, we could create a short-run of custom cards, no stickers required.

We started by generating a pdf with 50 unique codes through MDWare, which were then converted into individual jpgs. Storing the images in a folder called “December2020Codes,” we used Excel to create a database listing the location of each file in preparation to merge the images with the new card artwork.

Switching to Adobe Indesign, we prepared the gift card artwork to include a merge field which would allow the program to create the individual cards. (Never tried merging images into InDesign? Here is a great tutorial).

With the data merge complete, we used InDesign to export 50 unique jpgs for the backs of our cards, as well as one for the front, ready to upload to

Setting up the cards was labor-intensive, but with a system in place, ordering new cards will be easier (and faster). Plus, what we spent in time we made up in cost with the pack of 50 gift cards costing STBG just $30 including shipping.