Reviewing past materials we discovered that there were several variations on the logo, with vendors creating a version each time uniforms or clothing was ordered. Inconsistencies extended to include the shade of “Ashland Blue,” and fonts used, leaving the organization with a disjointed brand. But more importantly, the lack of assets and brand standards was making everyone involved in ordering items or designing materials work harder than they should.

Because our job was to clean up the logo, not redesign it, our first order of business was to simplify the design of the glyph – particularly the lacrosse  nets – into something that was easy to reproduce in a multitude of sizes. We also completed the logo design by typesetting “Ashland Youth Lacrosse” both vertically and horizontally, so the group would no longer have to rely on printers and clothing producers to have their font or set it properly.

With the new logo finalized, we took the next step, for the first time giving the group versions of the logo that could be reproduced on white or light backgrounds, as well as in one color or black and white.

It’s easy to blame the lack of brand standards on the fact that Ashland Youth Lacrosse is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization. But one only has to look around to see plenty of businesses spending too much time playing with fonts and colors, rather than focusing on their message, and reinforcing their brand.

So while developing a set of brand standards for a youth sports group may seem like overkill, the new standards and logo sets should save the volunteers time, and minimize the amount of time spent “dealing” with file sizes and design options, when sending out communications to players, parents or the general public.