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When semi-custom will do

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Having worn, and designed, jerseys for various teams, I appreciate the power of a custom jersey to turn every cyclist into a moving billboard for a brand or cause.

But when it was time to design a jersey for myself, I found myself at a loss. I knew I wanted a jersey that would support both Sundin Sports and Sundin Associates. I had our color palette and logos but wasn’t sure what I wanted the jersey to look like.

Plus, with our team focused on client work, and given that I was likely only ordering one jersey, I didn’t want to allocate resources to the project.

Which is why I decided to go semi-custom.

The ability to design and print semi-custom bicycle jerseys has been available for many years – in fact, the first jersey we created for Steve the Bike Guy in 2011 was semi-custom – but the tools and the designs have become increasingly sophisticated with better designs and higher quality material.

Using Voler’s 3D Design Studio, I selected the Edelweiss design which reflects Sundin’s design esthetic and Scandinavian roots.

The biggest challenge, how to support two businesses, was solved through the introduction of a new URL – – and landing page. Logos on the sleeves reinforce the specialties of the individual agencies. On the back, I picked up the tagline from Sundin Sports – Putting Ideas into Action – and again used the Sundin Marketing URL.

The finished jersey, which cost me just over $100, is a good quality jersey that allows me to support my own team!